IELTS Speaking part 2: Describe a person who apologized to you

Describe a person who apologized to you

Describe a person who apologized to you

  • How is the person related to you?
  • Why did he/she apologize
  • Did you forgive or not?

There have been few instances in my life when people have apologized to me for certain things. On some occasions people were faulty but on the other occasions their actions were unintentional.

Today I would like to tell you one incident in my life when a person sought an apology from me. The name of that person is Rajiv and he is one of my old friends. This happened when I was in my 10th standard. Me and Rajiv went along well. We used to sit together in class and shared a lot of things and secrets with each other.

One day we both were playing a game in which we had to tell about one of our secrets. We promised each other not to reveal those secrets to other friends.

While playing the game I was asked to tell one of my secrets. I told him about one of my pet names kept by my friends in my colony. The name was very funny, but I knew that Rajiv won’t tell it to anyone in school as we had promised each other.

But what came to my surprise that everyone in the school was teasing me with that pet name that I had told Rajiv. I was very upset and angry with him.

He kept on telling me that he hasn’t done it, but I knew that this secret can only be leaked by Rajiv as no other student knew about it. I changed my bench with another student and stopped talking to Rajiv for what he did with me.

I could see from his face that he was apologetic and feeling guilty. Afterall we were good friends before that incident. One day he came to me quietly and said sorry for what he did.

He admitted that he was the one who told my pet name to one of his friends, who leaked it like a wildfire. I accepted his apology and told him to not repeat such behavior with anyone. I told him that if you keep a promise then fulfil it no matter what the situation is.

After that we became friends again but from that day onwards, I never shared any secrets of mine with him.

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