IELTS speaking part 2: Talk about a time when you unexpectedly met someone

IELTS speaking part 2: Talk about a time when you unexpectedly met someone

Topic: Talk about a time when you unexpectedly met someone

  • Who do you meet?
  • Why was it unexpected
  • What did you do?

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There have been a lot of instances in my life when I met people unexpectedly. Once I was totally surprised by meeting one of my childhood friends after 10 years.

I was astonished because I was meeting my classmate after so many years and I could hardly recognise him from his appearance.

This happened when I was travelling in a train to New Delhi. I boarded an express train which takes three hours to Delhi from Chandigarh.

I was sitting on the window side and on the next stop, one person came and quietly sat on my adjacent seat.

He introduced himself as Harman. After every two minutes he was looking at me and I was doing the same.

The reason I was looking at him again and again was that I thought that he and his name resembles my childhood friend from school.

After a while I asked him about his primary schooling. I was surprised to hear that he was the same person whom I was thinking about.

I told him my name and after a few seconds he recognised me as well. We shook our hands tightly and laughed for a while.

I never expected to meet him in a train in India. The reason is that he studied with me till the class 4.

After that he moved to United States of America with his family. I was stunned to meet him after so many years in a train journey.

I asked him about his life and shared a lot of things with him. He told me that he had come to India after 5 years and was now going back to USA.

He had to catch a flight from New Delhi Airport. I really enjoyed my time with him in the train.

We chatted on length about our childhood and school. We talked a lot about or colleagues and teachers.

Soon the journey was about to get over. So, he asked me to give him my contact details. We exchanged our numbers and addresses. I also connected with him on social networking sites.

In the end we said goodbye to each other at the New Delhi railway station.
Even now I am in touch with him on the internet.

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