IELTS Speaking part 2: Talk about a time when you visited somewhere

IELTS Speaking part 2: Talk about a time when you visited somewhere

Talk about a time when you visited somewhere and lost your

  • important thing there
  • Where you went
  • What you lost
  • How did you lose that thing?

I have lost a couple of things in my life. Today I would like to tell you about a thing that was very dear to me, but I lost it in a wedding and I still regret it.

I went to my cousin’s wedding in Delhi last year and lost one of my most precious possessions.

I lost my smart watch and I was so upset when I was not able to find that. I will tell you the whole story that why and when I might have lost that watch.

That watch was given to me by my sister on my birthday. I was so attached to that watch that I would never give it to anyone.

That day I was wearing that watch on my left wrist. I wear that watch even when I sleep because it tracks my sleep as well as activities for the whole day.

It also shows me that how many calories I have burnt and how many steps I have taken in a day.

That watch also shows me notifications for calls and the messages. I remember when I reached at the wedding, I was sitting at a corner with my relatives.

We were having some snacks and light conversation. At that time, I remember that I was still wearing the watch.

After some time, we all decided to go on the dance floor and show some
moves. We started dancing and I felt a bit irritated by the watch.

The watch was clinging on my jacket. So, to get rid of that I opened the watch and kept it in my jacket.

I thought of wearing the watch after the wedding. To my surprise when I came back from the wedding, I couldn’t find my watch.

I was so worried and started searching it in my jacket and other pockets. I felt so sad when I

was not able to find my watch. I called my cousins to ask them whether they have seen my watch or not. But I couldn’t find it after that.

I was so angry with me and blamed myself for my loss. I wouldn’t have lost it if I was still wearing it.

It was an expensive watch and I had never lost something that costly before that. I felt so embarrassed that day, but my family consoled me after that incident

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