IELTS Task 2: Governments to spend public funds on promoting a healthy lifestyle than treatment | Agree or disagree [115]

IELTS Task 2: Governments to spend public funds on promoting a healthy lifestyle than treatment | Agree or disagree

Topic: It is more important for governments to spend public funds on promoting a healthy lifestyle than treatment. Do you agree or disagree?


It is said that state money should be better allocated to the promotion of a healthy lifestyle as a long-term prevention against all kinds of diseases than treatment for already ill people. In my opinion, both should be equally funded.

On the one hand, the government should pay attention to promoting a healthy lifestyle as it is directly linked to human resistance against a vast number of illnesses. As a matter of fact, the harmful habit of drinking liquor or chemical dependency are principal causes for numerous diseases including alcoholism and cancer. Also, people leading a sedentary lifestyle due to either intense study or work also suffer from back pain or short-sight. In most cases, victims are little aware of their daily habits bringing much damage to their body, or sometimes, students and working people cannot find a place to exercise. The government’s involvement is therefore vital as they can launch propagation campaigns to heighten social awareness or establish more public facilities such as parks as places for residents to physically exercise.

On the other hand, similar funding should be provided for constructing hospitals, modernizing facilities, and experimenting new medicines. In reality, there are more grave threats from contagions like Ebola or unexpected accidents on street, which emphasizes the necessity of treatment and the development of healthcare services. Unless more significant amounts of money were allocated to discovering new cures and improving the quality of services, there would be more victims and casualties. This is no less important and imperative than promoting a healthy lifestyle.

In conclusion, both of these aforementioned factors should be equally and simultaneously developed by any governments.

(271 words band 8)

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