IELTS Task 2: people now wear Western clothes rather than traditional clothing [120]

Topic: In many countries, people now wear Western clothes (suits, jeans) rather than traditional clothing. Why? Is this a positive or negative development?

Useful vocabulary:

1.Influential cultures: Những nền văn hóa có ảnh hưởng lớn
2.The notion of modernism in terms of dressing: Ý niệm về cách ăn mặc hiện đại
3.Reshapes fashion patterns of the indigenous: Định hình lại cách ăn mặc của người bản xứ
4.The age of globalization: Thời đại toàn cầu hóa
5.Underestimate the value and meaning of their traditional clothes: Coi thường giá trị và ý nghĩa của quần áo truyền thống


In many parts of the world, many people prefer Western fashion styles than their traditional clothes. The underlying reasons for this are varied; and this could be seen as both negative and positive.

There are two main explanations for the popularity of suits and jeans even in non-Western countries across different continents. Firstly, Western clothing has become widely known for the recent advent of the mass media like TV or global newspapers. In fact, influential cultures, especially the notion of modernism in terms of dressing, from the West has become dominant in other nations. Secondly, the transcontinental expansion of powerful Western-based corporations is another contributor to the preference for this socalled modern dressing style. Those organizations usually require their local staff to wear dress shirts and pants to work, which gradually reshapes fashion patterns of the indigenous.

This choice of fashion could do both harm and good. On the positive side, it helps people integrate into the global working environment, which is essential in the age of globalization where different cultures cross. On the other hand, if such preference became excessively prevalent, there would be a good reason for the worry of cultural assimilation. Some people, the young generation in particular, might underestimate the value and meaning of their traditional clothes, the Ao Dai in Vietnam for example.

In conclusion, the widespread adoption of Western clothing could be attributable to the mass media and the appearance of a handful of national companies; and this phenomenon is positive and negative at the same time.

(253 words band 8)

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