IELTS Task 2: The government should spend more money on medical research [136]

Topic: The government should spend more money on medical research to protect citizens’ health rather than on protecting the environment. Do you agree or disagree?


Some people think that the government should allocate more financial resources to medical research instead of environmental protection. I entirely disagree with this statement.

Both medical research activities and environmental protection are equally critical to human well-being. Throughout history, we have had to cope with countless consequences of environmental damage, some of which even threatened the survival of whole communities. We have also been struggling to combat diseases that could cripple the medical systems of entire countries. The peril that people face from those threats cannot be compared with one another by any measures; if they were to be addressed, tremendous government funding would be needed.

Furthermore, preserving the environment is a necessary part of protecting human health. It is true that funding medical research activities is the best way to cure the many serious diseases that are now causing so many problems all over the world, such as Covid-19. However, it is flawed to use this reason to downplay the significance of environmental protection and the need for government funding. In reality, we are facing many other severe health crises that arise from environmental pollution. For example, high levels of air and water contamination are leading to the increased number of cancer cases and deaths. Extreme weather conditions caused by global warming are also among the greatest drivers behind the deterioration of public health.

In conclusion, although medical research is certainly important and should be properly funded, I disagree that it should receive more money from the  government than environmental protection.

252 words band 8

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