IELTS task 2: The key solution for the environmental issues is for the current generation [31]

The key solution for the environmental issues is for the current generation to live a less comfortable life to benefit future generations. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

The world is bedeviled with monstrous environmental hazards like global warming and a rise in seawater levels. Some think that the best solution to the problem is that the current generation should sacrifice their comforts for the benefit of future generations. I do not deny that lifestyle changes are necessary, but this does not mean that the present generation has to sacrifice their comforts. The lifestyle changes may be beneficial for the current generation in many ways.

The lifestyle changes may not be onerous. For example, the government has banned the use of plastics. Shop owners have resorted to paper and cloth bags instead. This move has not reduced the comfort of the current generation in any manner. There is a change in lifestyle with no reduction in the comfort level. Another initiative from the government is planting trees and policing paper use. People are advised to take double side print outs. This is a welcome initiative as trees help to purify the air, which is beneficial for the environment. It improves air quality, and the current generation can breathe fresh air. By minimizing paper use, we are avoiding unnecessary felling of trees.

The government has also asked people to reduce the use of energy. It is a good practice to turn off the lights and unplug the chargers after use. Some electrical appliances are found to consume electricity even after being turned off. This is good for our pockets as well. Owning cars are indeed a symbol of an improved lifestyle. But we should become aware that we are emitting greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, which causes global warming and a rise in seawater levels. So, we should restrict the use of cars and use public transport as much as possible. This is economical to the car owner as well because he would be saving money on fuel. Although it requires some effort from the current generation, they don’t cause discomfort in any manner.

To conclude, it is true that the current generation has to make lifestyle changes to reduce environmental issues. But I disagree that these changes have to reduce the comfort level of the current generation. The truth is that the changes improve the standard of living of the current generation. They are creating a better world without making any compromise on their comforts.

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