IELTS Task 2: The rapid advancement of communication technology | Advantages or disadvantages [121]

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Topic: With the rapid advancement of communication technology, eg smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices, some people believe that the disadvantages outweigh the advantages. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Useful vocabulary:

1.Empowered people to conveniently keep in touch with friends and relatives: Giúp con người có thể giữ liên lạc với bạn bè và người thân một cách tiện lợi
2.The ability to effectively interact with each other: Khả năng tương tác hiệu quả với nhau
3.Refrain from using new appealing applications and games: Kiềm chế sử dụng những ứng dụng và trò chơi thú vị
4.Too engrossed in their games: quá đắm chìm vào việc chơi game


Recently, the advent and popularity of cutting-edge communication technology has unfolded the possibility of connecting people from different places around the world, which engenders public opposing ideas of whether the drawbacks of such devices would eclipse the benefits. In my opinion, I completely agree with that statement.

Still, there are certainly several values that new lines of mobile phones and tablets bring to users. Firstly, those are considered a powerful facilitator of communication. In fact, many breakthroughs in the industry of technology, such as the introduction of I-phone, have empowered people to conveniently keep in touch with friends and relatives regardless of geographic adversities. Secondly, such technological development is a threshold of a new world where people are connected in a global network, which provides them with opportunities to meet people of diverse backgrounds and personalities. Compared to the past, modern people now could easily get to know people, even transcontinentally, with only a small device such as a cell phone.

However, I suppose that the repercussions of this advancement should be paid more attention to. As people rely too much on tablets or mobile phones, there would be a high chance of them losing the ability to effectively interact with each other in real life. More dangerously, addiction and aggression might be the price that people had to pay if they did not refrain from using new appealing applications and games. Unfortunately, many incidents resulting in a few casualties have been reported when players are too engrossed in their games, especially after the release of Pokemon-Go. This might be a strong basis for the belief that those devices would do more harm than good.

In conclusion, I believe that the downsides of contemporary technological development might be more significant than the benefits.

(293 words band 8)

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