Unit 21: Suffixes: -less & -free | Hậu tố đuôi -less và -free

Hậu tố trong tiếng Anh sẽ không có gì xa lạ nếu như bạn đã học qua bài Unit 1 Suffixes của mục Basic vocab. Hậu tố chính là những đuôi theo sau một từ làm thay đổi ngữ nghĩa của từ gốc đó. trong bài này, chúng ta cùng tìm hiểu về Suffixes: -less & -free. Để xem ngữ nghĩa thay đổi như thế nào nhé!

Điểm ngữ pháp (Vocabulary points to take away)

  • careless : without care or attention ( không quan tâm)

Many road accidents are caused by careless drivers. People should pay more attention when driving.

  • contactless: not touching ( không liên lạc)

It’s so much quicker and easier now that we can use our phones to make contactless payments.

  • harmless: not likely to cause harm (vô hại)

There is only one poisonous snake in the UK. The others are harmless.

  • homeless: without anywhere to live ( vô gia cư)

The flood destroyed their house. They were homeless for several months and had to stay with friends.

  • jobless: unemployed (thất nghiệp)

Many of the jobless today are young people leaving university. They just can’t find jobs as so many people are applying for the same position.

  • powerless: unable to do anything to change a situation (bất lực)

When the huge wave hit the boat, he was powerless. He could only stand and watch as the boat sunk.

  • smokeless: not producing any smoke (không khói)

In some parts of the city, only smokeless coal can be used in fires, which is cleaner for the environment.

  • sugarless: not containing any sugar (không đường)

I’m on a diet, so I’m only having sugarless drinks.

  • car-free: cars are not allowed (xe hơi không được vào)

Now that the city centre is car free, it’s so much more pleasant to walk in the centre of the city without worrying about cars and buses

  • carefree: without worries or anxiety (không lo lắng căng thẳng)

I wish I was on my gap year again – I miss those carefree days, not having to worry about paying the mortgage or getting to work on time.

  • smoke-free: in which no one is smoking or smoking is not allowed (không hút thuốc)

“I’m sorry, sir, you’ll have to put out that cigarette – this is a smoke-free area.”

  • stress-free: without any stress or worry (không u phiền, căng thẳng)

The journey was completely stress-free. The taxi picked us up at the door and took us straight there. There wasn’t any traffic and we arrived early.

  • sugarfree: not containing any sugar ( không đường)

This drink doesn’t have any calories as it’s sugarfree.

Trên đây là những ví dụ thông dụng về Suffixes: -less & -free, việc học những từ mới như này cần bạn thường xuyên tra từ điển để học thêm khi thấy có những từ có đuôi tương tự.

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